Aftercare - Coming soon.

All clients will be offered an aftercare package that will provide tools to encourage the continuation of training required to combat unhelpful thoughts. Each package will be tailored to the individual needs. The content of the tailored package will be discussed in the final session and based on the therapists knowledge of the individual needs.

What you will receive...

  1. 1. Lifemind App:
    To help identify destructive thoughts, behaviours and triggers and change responses to encourage positive constructive outcomes.

  2. 2. Lifemind Journal :
    For tracking and recording.

  3. 3. Tools:
    To help combat negative cognitive habits that will be tailored to suit individual needs.

  4. 4. 12 month plan:
    To incorporate individual goals for mental and emotional health.

  5. 5. Access to online advice and support :
    To help facilitate individual healing outside of the counselling room. Clients will be able to email a query to the therapist (maximum 300 words) and expect a reply within 24 hours. The client will be allocated 10 minutes per week which will incorporate the time it takes for the therapist to read one email and respond.

In order for the aftercare package to be meaningful the client must have been able to identify emotional problems and solutions – Therefore this is only available to retreat guests and clients who have accessed at least 6 sessions.


Features 1 - 4
- Free to guests and long term clients.

Features 5

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