Bringing balance to your Life and Mind

Professional testimonial 1

Kate has worked with me from time to time over the last ten years and I have always been impressed by both her professionalism and her ability to heop people deal with the setbacks in theire ife.† I recommend her to you.

Bill Beswick, Psychologist and Director of Sportsmind.


Testimonial 2

Kate has helped me to see life from a new perspective.† Before Lifemind I felt that life was sometimes impossible and now I am able to see challenges as a opportunity for me to better myself which has actually given me more confidence in myself too!

D.B from Chester.


Testimonial 3

I canít tell you how much my life has changed since I started coming to LifeMind.† Everything seems easier to deal with now and I have always felt totally supported and understood.† Thankyou!

J.W from Northwich.